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Product we sells

Our dedication to providing the best quality products to our customers has made NZM Decorators what it is today.

NZM offers the latest and best branded POP material deals with exclusive prices.

Buy POP Bags and other accessories.

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We are engaged in the manufacturing and supplying of inexplicable quality products of plaster of Paris, such as Cornices, Mouldings, Centre Panels, Domes, Brackets, Pillars etc..

Utilization of high technology machines in the manufacturing of plaster of Paris products ensures high performance and reliability. Plaster of Paris is manufactured as per the national and international quality standards, thus is highly valued in the quality cautious market.

With a variety of sizes, shapes, colors, closures and designs, NZM's sure to be a POP product that you will love to use for your interior needs.

ProductsDesign Cornices

A 007   A 008   A 016   A 018   A 023X
A 024   A 025A   A 032   A 036   A 041
A 058   A080 & A080A   A 083   A088 & A088A   A 092
A 130A   D C950   A 105   A 108   A 110
A 111   A 113   A 116   A 117   A 127
A 103   A131A & A131B   A 139   A 140A   A 144
A 302   A 304A   DC 893   DC 896   DC 897
A 313A   A 317   A 329   A 331A   A 376A
A 381   A 382   DC 211   DC 233   DC 234
DC 235   DC 344   DC 412   DC 511   DC 668
DC 890   DC 892      

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